The Mandate is simple; improve results and restore value to your business.

And so begins the process.  With experience in energy, manufacturing, construction and commercial real estate, TAP provides immediate management and operational assistance to companies in distress.

The TAP team specializes in stepping into complex situations and working side-by-side with management to restore operational and financial stability. Clients receive a tailored turnaround initiative specific to the business. It’s a common-sense approach to attain maximum results on each assignment.

In any economic environment, TAP can improve the performance of even the strongest and most established companies. The sooner a business addresses its challenges, the more options it will have.

TAP delivers hands-on financial, operational, and strategic actions that produce results no matter what the situation. All aspects of the business are assessed and profitability is restored through strategies that include reducing costs, and resolving production issues.  Liquidity and solvency are restored by improving working capital management and restructuring debt and capital to match the operational abilities of the business.


We focus on results.

TAP separates itself from other companies by focusing on results.  They'll help implement the plan, not just give you the theory.

Exit strategies can be developed for equity owners seeking to monetize their investment, sales of non-core divisions or assets as well as the sale of the entire enterprise to a strategic or financial purchaser.

TAP brings experienced operational, and financial professionals to each case. Other companies rely only on financial outsiders who have an understanding of the transaction process, but don’t have the hands-on operational knowledge. TAP professionals run each aspect of the transaction, bringing the added experience of business valuation, identification of strategic or synergistic opportunities as well as the selection of the sale process best suited to the business.


When legal decisions are at stake, there’s no room for uncertainty.

The world of commercial litigation often involves complex financial issues. While corporate leaders may be the best in their own lines of work, evaluating claims of economic damages demands a steady hand on the helm while navigating uncharted waters.  

TAP has participated in hundreds of cases providing the necessary experience and expertise needed to improve their clients’ opportunities for success in the courtroom. TAP specializes in a broad range of litigation support services in matters involving fiduciary obligations, corporate governance, forensic accounting, financial analysis, business valuation and economic damages quantification.

A common misconception is that a financial expert’s role is black and white --  they just crunch numbers. Far from it. TAP professionals excel in problem-solving -- exploring the gray areas and developing creative solutions to difficult problems.

As consultants to counsel or as expert trial witnesses, TAP professionals investigate, analyze and present the economic issues, bringing order and clarity to the financial evidence.  Judges and juries may be confronted with complex and confusing technical information and evidence. TAP professionals anticipate and understand this. Experienced in the fine points of courtroom presentation and communication, they adeptly transform abstract notions into recognizable processes to help decision-makers navigate complex issues.

TAP has earned a reputation for providing credible and effective expert testimony. Their litigation support consultants are experienced and credentialed in the business, including Certified Fraud Examiners and Certified Turnaround Professionals.


TAP professionals operating through TAP’s sister company, Fraud and Forensic Investigations help clients re-create and analyze historical transactions to identify errors and possible malfeasance and to recover assets.

• How have assets have changed over time?
• If assets are missing, where have they gone?
• Have financial statements and other records been manipulated?

This analysis and investigation require the application of professional skills, And that’s a TAP specialty. Other firms only generalize in this area. TAP’s experience and financial perspective goes beyond that offered by traditional accounting firms. their professionals are highly trained and skilled interviewers, cutting through the fog and all-to-frequent misdirection associated with forensic examinations.

TAP specialists analyze books and records to illuminate and define specific activities. They scrutinize, flag and report on data pointing to questionable transactions. With this information, they can provide detailed advice and enable the client to make appropriate decisions and take necessary corrective actions.

No set of policies and procedures can completely ensure the absence of fraudulent activities.  A TAP forensic examination can unearth areas vulnerable to abuse and recommend procedures a client should implement to protect against future abuses.

FFI can properly capture data by invitation or subpoena and always maintains the chain-of-evidence as necessary.


TAP professionals will reveal the true value of your company instead of the perceived value.

Business Valuations is subjective and requires significant judgment on the part of the valuator. TAP Business Valuation professionals possess the requisite experience and technical expertise required for a well-documented valuation. TAP professionals take it one step further with sound judgement, separating themselves from other companies.